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BEGO Semados® RS/RSX 3.0 – sometimes size matters!

With an implant diameter of 3.0 mm, the range of indications is expanded to include borderline cases. Particularly in narrow anterior gaps, the limited coronal and apical space means that a narrow implant diameter is needed. The BEGO Semados® RS/RSX 3.0 is ideally suited for these indications....

Exhibitor: BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KG

One Care Package – a new treatment concept

The One Care Package (OCP) treatment concept enables efficient and predictable prosthetic restorations based on the concept of a pack that contains all the necessary prosthetic components needed for an implant treatment. The set approach eliminates several steps from the conventional treatment...

Exhibitor: BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KG

From the present to the future – BEGO Semados® SC/SCX implants

The proven self-tapping thread design with increasing core diameter at decreasing thread depth towards the prosthodontic interface, for increased primary stability, has been reengineered in the thread course and the cutting groove. The machined shoulder of the SC implant has a micro-roughness...

Exhibitor: BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KG


The AFR-Mini-Reg is anterior device designed like a JIG-Splint. It can be used on patients with complete dentition or patients with missing teeth or gaps in the posterior area. It is an economic and effective device for a diagnosis of malocclusion and determination of a physiological position of...

Exhibitor: Dentrade e.K.

Explore our new DII-Series

Innovations of new DII-Series: Automatic door opener at D30 II and D40 II Robust swiveling door at D20 II Integrated 10” touch-screen, Windows embedded OS Functional 3-button control at D20 II Closed Resin handling system (RHS)

Exhibitor: Rapid Shape GmbH

L Protect SH-D - The ultimate combination of protection and illumination

NEW: Individual positioning and flexible placement. L Protect SH-D offers a unique combination of modern, energy-saving workstation illumination and a protective glass pane. Equipped with highly efficient SMD-LED‘s, L Protect offers an exceptional illumination of the working area without...

Exhibitor: Schick GmbH

G2 Concept Model Saw

The Schick G2 Model Saw brings a higher level of accuracy to sectioning dies by cutting from below the model for clean and precise saw cuts that do not damage the preparation. Thanks to its intelligent design, it is safe and simple to use. Laser line-up. The laser allows precise sectioning of the...

Exhibitor: Schick GmbH

S2 Profi Milling Unit

The Schick Dental S2 Profi milling device combines the high quality of the S-Series with the need for an economical product solution. The S2 Profi milling device completely satisfies the requirements of the S-family for safe and perfect milling. It ranks between the S1 Basic and the S3 Master...

Exhibitor: Schick GmbH

Z4 – chairside milling and grinding of perfect restorations

vhf offers a new milling and grinding machine for producing restorations in laboratory quality on-site in the dental practice. The Z4 is impressive not only for its sleek design. Thanks to its compact and sound-insulated housing, it can be positioned anywhere in the practice and will pique...

Exhibitor: vhf camfacture AG

“Best of” Industry Award 2016 and 2017 for Walser® Dental Matrix ON-shape

The Walser® Dental Matrix for last teeth and extra large molars convinced the jury and was awarded with the "Best of" Industry Award in 2016 and 2017. Already in 2015 Dr. Walser Dental received the "Best of" Industry Award 2015, in the category of medical engineering, for a matrix usable for...

Exhibitor: Dr. Walser Dental GmbH

“Best of” Industry Award 2015 for Walser® Dental Matrix X-shape

The Walser® Dental Matrix for biplane fillings has been awarded as “Best of” in the category medical engineering and belongs to the best of the Industry Award 2015. The top class jury, consisting of 31 professors, scientists, industry representatives, experts and specialised journalists, was in...

Exhibitor: Dr. Walser Dental GmbH

Again awarded at the SME Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

312 medium-sized businesses applied for the LEA-Award 2017. The LEA-Award is issued by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg together with "Caritas" and "Diakonie" in Baden-Württemberg. It is an appreciation for the voluntary social engagement of small and medium-sized...

Exhibitor: Dr. Walser Dental GmbH

Nanopal M5 Curettes in Z-Shape and Bionik Handles

With the new ZEPF M5 Gracey Curettes we introduce instruments in a new design. The Z-Shape Relax Handle is designed according to the ergonomic needs of a curettage. The new handle as well as the delicate surfaces of the tip are coated with the new ZEPF nanopal coating. The new ZEPF Gracey...

Exhibitor: Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH

Benex Extraction System

In modern dental treatment, implantology following extraction is increasingly favoured. Consistent with the principle of minimal invasion, conserving soft and hard tissue structures is a must. Starting with extraction. The modified Benex guarantees a gentle and simple extraction of roots in the...

Exhibitor: Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH

Drop Control Blade Holder

The Zepf Drop-Control Blade Holder combines the design of the regular blade holder 46.007.00 with a new and revolutionary function. With reference to the mechanism of a ball pen, the blade will be dropped off by pushing the button at the end. The blade is pushed forward so that it falls safely...

Exhibitor: Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH

Grinding sticks for glass ceramics

ZrO2powertools milling burs for Dental CNC milling systems. We show our new grinding sticks for glasceramics and metal-cutting burs for titanium and CrCo. The tools are optimised for high stability even under intensive use. Also our long lasting Diamond Coated burs for all Zirconia materials.

Exhibitor: ZrO2 powertools GmbH & Co. KG

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